I am an anomaly. In my teens I picked up the bass and spent countless years in bands from rock to country touring the globe, solidifying my passion for the power of music. I am an Artist, Musician and Producer influenced by such greats as; Ulrich Schnauss, Sasha, Geddy Lee, Sting, Chris Cornell, Vangelis and impacted by iconic groups from the BeeGees to Soundgarden. I then expanded my unique artistry of writing and producing sound, shifting my musical direction to Electronica. That encompasses; Drum-N-Bass, Seattle House, Trance and a touch of Progressive, capturing the true essence of my musical repertoire. The ‘Ethr3volution’ continually elevates and interprets the technical artistry by taking the listener on a musical voyage landing in a euphoric, uninhabited place identified as: Planet Ethr3

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