Fin Bulgaria

Fin Bulgaria are from Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

Style: Thrash Metal ,Speed Thrash ,Extreme metal  

FIN BULGARIA is Bulgarian thrash metal band formed in the summer of 2013. They released an EP called "Bulgarian Thrash", and six months later released their first full-length album - "Beton". 

The following year, they began working on their next EP - "Thrash Is Not Death" a conceptual creation in four languages. 

Their second album was released in Spring 2015, called "Karatecnica", released by Psihar Records, founded by the leader of FIN BULGARIA - Stoian Kaev. After a change in the line up, the band began work on a new album and "Cookbook" became reality in early 2016.

The band continued their prolific releases with their 2017 album "Do it Yourself"., when bass player Ico joined the band . In the same year the band started working on the next full album "Kolko Zombita Vijdate" with a seventh album 'Ritual' following in 2019 and a new bass player - Alfredo Cotti- joined in 2020. 

Fin Bulgaria's key sounds are fast instruments and fast vocals 

A common split album was created Fin Bulgaria Bulgarritory - Look at the future .

Stoian Kaev also created a new band  - Zebrazebroza.

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