Jenheizer is a classically trained singer and songwriter based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her musical skill set includes being an accomplished vocalist, pianist and bass player. The upcoming, full LP release, can be described as a collection of mainly Dixieland and Big Band Jazz songs mixed in with elements of R &B, musical theatre and cabaret styles. One of Jenheizer's main goals is to write and score music for feature films and television. Her passion for orchestral music drives her to pursue creative outlets within the classical genre alongside her jazz endeavors. As a writer, she enjoys pushing the boundaries and exploring the limits of her musical genre by drawing influence from normally unconventional sources and incorporating them tastefully in her music. Currently Narcissistic Tendencies, Stupidity, Wonderland and Players wanna play are the 4 newest single releases in 2019 and there's still be more to come so stay tuned.

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