Ginny Luke's music shows the spirit of who she is: a powerful vocalist, electrifying violinist, multi talented artist, songwriter & producer from Dubuque, Iowa.

She discovered her love for music at the age of three and developed a passion for the wonderful sound of the violin. Ginny started studying music ( classic violin and piano) and dance, which among other things brought her to Germany.

Her career so far has been varied with Ginny having performed with big name bands/artists such as The Black Eyes Peas, Foofighters,, Snoop Dog, J. Cole, and Stevie Wonder to name just a few. She was also featured as a lead vocalist and electric violinist on the international concert series '4U : A Symphonic Celebration of Prince' from September 2018 till May 2019 and she was also a member of the Meat Loaf Band.

Ginny has played prestigious shows and venues such as the Jay Leno Show and at the famous Carnegie Hall.

After traveling around the world she's now based in Los Angeles, a regular in the music scene, where she's known as "Ginny from the Block".

The catalog of her work is great and varied.

With her own songs she even steps out of her classical roots to show how diverse her talent is.

Ginny Luke has done it all...theatres, stadiums or clubs, there's no kind of venue where she hasn't performed yet.

Currently  she's working on new music with well-known artists and producers.

Listening to it is an absolute pleasure for every music lover, whether you like classical music or rock. This musical multi talent can do everything.

Article written by Martina Doerner

January 2020